Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

They said you are the highest moneymaker Mafia boss outside of alpha point you were making six to eight milliliter aspired to be made I was 17 years old my dad drew a 50 year prison sentence my best friend was walking in Philomath But the setup was bad. Yeah, I’ll be honest what I might have gotten killed So there’s a lot of people I sit down with and I meet but Michael I have to tell you you’re you’re one of the most fascinating people that I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with And you had Nicky eyes and Mikey franchisee When you hear about the modern day not even a modern day You know the movie Godfather everybody has a poster and you watch the movie, and you hear about Michael Corleone And you think is there really a character like that you pretty much are the real-life Michael Corleone leaper say of that story right so it’s exciting to be sitting out with you appreciate you for Making the time and welcoming us to your place here.

Thank you, and I have been compared obviously to to Michael I think it’s a good comparison at times because Al Pacino he played a terrific role in that movie yeah, and there is a certain flow that I watch in the movie with them, and I see with you where the Mannerisms, it’s amazing how close that is With the mannerisms that you have on the way you speak So let’s get right into it if you don’t know Michael Franzese II let me give you some stats. Here’s the best way to Open it up. So you’ll know who we’re sitting down with so in 1986 Fortune magazine November 10th Fortune magazine there’s an article saying the 50 biggest mafia bosses right and And when you go through this The part in here that’s fascinating to me is the following they have you down on 18th place Right and then they had John Gotti at 13, so you look at this and you say well You’re 18 Gotti is 13, and then you have Anthony Salerno at first and you have some of these other name Persico, Carmine Persico you work with very closely for many years Salvatore Santoro some of these names that people know about the part that I looked at Michael there is not a single person on this list where there starts with the number three except for you Gadi was 46 you were 35 So we’re not just talking about somebody who made it to the high level of the Colombo family the five families the Colombo family yourself You did it at 35 years old? How was it being raised into that environment in that family? I would say I had a good role model as far as you know my dad being a real person of substance in that life and You know I love my father.

He was he was everything to me growing up and You know he was an important figure there And it’s not that I tried to emulate him Patrick because I never thought I would be part of that life growing up. You know I had different thoughts I was gonna. You know I was an athlete. I was going to school. I was going to be a doctor But once I made a decision to get into that life I had as far as I was concerned the best guy in the world to Model myself after and that was my dad, I learned a lot from him directly watching all the things that was taking place Yeah, just the way.

He carried himself. You know the way people Respected him the respect that he had for my mother And and my sisters and just the way he carried himself you know and he was a man’s man And you know from the time I was five years old my father drummed it into my head You know Michael you have to be a man’s man That’s the standard in Life you have to live up to he in many ways form the person that that I became later on in life Yeah, it’s so much street credit that you can tell if somebody did something to you And they knew who your dad was there was a line like you couldn’t mess with it How was it being raised in that environment? Well it was different. You know I always tell the story I was an athlete and Baseball was really my sport and my dad would never miss a game. No matter what he was doing mob business legit business I’d be playing ball. He’d show up He’d always come to the field late, and he’d pull up in a big black Cadillac or a black Lake And he’d get out of the car dressed sharp in a suit And he’d always have five or six guys with him because he never traveled alone And I’d be up to bat and they’d walk out on the field the umpire would take one look at him and never call strike Three on me, so I mean it had his advantages you know being Sonny Franzese his son You know he he was just a great father You know and obviously I knew there was something different about him, but my dad never spoke about it now It’s really never so you didn’t really know fully.

What was taking place never from him I knew because he was such a high-profile figure that we lived in an environment Where law enforcement was around us all the time and he was? under surveillance from five or six different agencies from the feds right down to all the state and locals So they would Park cause around our house and follow us wherever we went and you know I viewed them at that time as the enemy because I viewed my dad is my hero and So I knew who he was I obviously read the papers he had a lot of press And I observed things, but never from his mouth. He would never bring it into the house for in the house We were just the family that didn’t exist isn’t that interesting yeah door six areas I’d like to touch up on here with you One is story on how that life was to how the game because you wrote a book I’ll make you an offer you cannot refuse the game between What you have to experience now similar that is on the corporate side? I think there’s a lot to be learned from the entrepreneurs who? Watch this I do how to identify consigliere I really want to stay on that because what it means to be a conciliar II how do you identify that it’s a very? Fascinating way you talk about it in the book Human nature, you know how do you read through the BS?

And how do you read through some people that are trying to take advantage of you? What are some of the things that you saw? And then some side questions about characters and then some fun questions at the end I will go through So why don’t we get into it as far as? When you knew and you said I want to get in how did you get into the whole you know family?

I want to become a made man. How did that whole experience take place with you you know Patrick? I never aspired to be a made man You know I was on a different path in life but I was 17 years old when my dad drew a 50 year prison sentence and Went off to serve his federal time and I sat with my dad I visited him in the federal jail before they shipped him off to the penitentiary and he said to me Michael I’m innocent I didn’t commit this crime.