Learn How To Play All Or Nothing

ANNCR: Today we’re going to learn to play the Iowa Lottery’s All or Nothing game. It’s a lotto-type game with a twist: If you match all the numbers, you win. And if you don’t match any of the numbers—you still win. Here’s how it works: All or Nothing offers fewer numbers to choose from than some other lotto games—1 through 24.

There are 12 winning numbers selected, so the odds of hitting all—or none—are the same. Each All or Nothing play costs just a dollar, and there are two drawings every day. So now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how to play.

There are two ways to pick your numbers. The first is to let the lottery terminal pick them for you. Just ask the clerk for an All or Nothing easy pick ticket and your numbers will be assigned at random. Pretty simple.

Of course, you can also choose your own numbers—and for that, you’ll need a play slip. Look for the one that says “All or Nothing” on it. Use a pencil to pick your 12 numbers. If you like, you can play the same numbers for more than one drawing. You can choose up to eight consecutive mid-day drawings, up to eight consecutive evening drawings, or up to sixteen total consecutive mid-day and evening drawings.

For easy picks, just let the clerk know if you’d like mid-day or evening drawings—or both—and how many draws. When choosing your own numbers, mark this box on your play slip. Remember: It’s a dollar per play, so one set of numbers for the next eight mid-day or evening drawings would cost you eight dollars. One set of numbers for the next sixteen total drawings would cost you $16.

Now that your play slip is complete, just hand it to the clerk. All or Nothing drawings are held seven days a week. Mid-day drawings are held at 12:45 p.m.; Evening drawings are held at 8:45 p.m. You can check for the winning numbers online or by calling the Winning Numbers hot line at 515-323-4633. The clerk at any lottery terminal can also print out the winning numbers for you.

What can you win? The top prize in All or Nothing is $100,000—and remember, whether you match all your numbers or match none, you win either way! You can also win a thousand dollars if you match eleven numbers or just one. There are cash prizes for matching ten numbers or two, nine or three, and eight or four—which gets you your dollar back. Once you have your ticket, sign the back so everyone knows it’s yours.

Be sure to keep it in a safe place because you’ll need it to claim any prize you may win. No exceptions. Now that you know how to play All or Nothing, good luck!