Visite de Reno, Nevada…Reno City and his Casino

This article was written at Reno Nevada I was with sean, Catherine et Thierry. We spend the Labor day over there Labor Day is the equivalent of May first in France The Casino in Nevada started her in Reno In the thirty and forty The first casino was not in Las Vegas, but here in Reno. After Reno, some casino open in Las Vegas It’s a mob member Bugsy Siegler who created the first casino like we know today in Las Vegas Resort casino with Hotel It was Bugdy Siegel He created it in 1945 The story in fact, is that the first year The casino did not work well It borrowed money from the mob They killed him No long after, actually the casino mad a lot money Actually it was the Flamingo That’s was the first casino built by Bugsy.

This Casino is still here It was remodeled It was the first deposit Casino in Las Vegas But to day we are in Reno. We went in the strip Day and Night You will see, it’s small compared to Las Vegas It’s very small It’s there was shouted the movie Sister Act 1 With Woopie Goldberg Unfortunately, lot hotel closed I was disappointed The City is little dirty The people are different that Las Vegas It’s shame, because Reno was at the origin of the Casinos I Hope you will enjoy this video Where is Sean? Here we go We are in Reno day time Before was Reno by night Across street Thierry Catherine Sean, they are across They don’t speak to me We just take our breakfast At the Eldorado Buffet Sean drunk 4 Mimosas 4 Mimosas We arriving on the strip of Reno Do you remember the movie Sister Act? It was shouted here In Reno Look at the beautiful paint Over there It’s very nice And behind me Le landmark of Reno that we saw last night Ho!

Dog S..t It less impressive that on night Here the Horseshoe It was a Las Vegas Casino.¬†They closed it in Las Vegas Here It’s closed also So sean what are you telling us? How do you like Reno? I ate to much!!

We are at the buffet with Catherine and Thierry Labor day in Reno Hello We going to the buffet That is the samples That is the fish We have Salmon Catherine Here the Salad Catherine, what did you take? She took Salmon, bagel, cream cheese It will be good Sean on line For Bacon… American Breakfast That is my breakfast, salmon Little crispy bacon Bagel, cream cheese we are finishing our breakfast It took us almost one hour Sean eating his jello Little chocolate cake If you liked this video You can put a blue thumb you can leave comment also you can subscribe to my channel Give some idea for next video On my channel i have a lot video Alaska, down Town Los Angeles Washington DC Philadelphia I try to share with you my experiences Bye Bye, see you soon.